Hacking to Learn

I will be documenting my journey of learning the language of computers in this blog. Learning to hack, I believe, would be a great way to do this. I am all excited about the problems i’m going to solve and all the dopamine  they would release in my brain.

The journey is going to be tough, but if you don’t give up and fight through, the results would be more than satisfying. Once you start playing with things and become a wizard, magic will happen. Both, your intellectual and emotional cravings will be satisfied.


What are some good reasons to learn?

  1. Immoral needs data and info about people who will contribute.
  2. Will be helpful in this information age where knowledge is everything and setting up companies will be a childs play.
  3. It could serve as  an invaluable behavioral Pscychology, Neuroeconomics research tool.
  4.  Close connection of 1. with finance and trading.
  5. No one can touch you nor your family or friends. You have cards to use against everyone, if the case may arises.  Knowledge is power.
  6. The joy of problem solving and creating value in the world.
  7. Financial Independence and survival taken care of.(In the years to come)


So, the first article that I read in my journey is  this page which is a de-facto standard guideline for aspiring hackers, according to this quora answer.

The article first mentions about the hacker attitude and then goes on to explain the various skills required.

The hacker attitude(which is the attitude of masters):

Mimicing the attitude of masters, will play a huge role in keeping yourself motivated.

To follow the path:
look to the master,
follow the master,
walk with the master,
see through the master,
become the master.

In my experience, this zen poem is very accurate as it would save you a lot of time talking with mentors and learning their lessons of a lifetime.

  1. Cultivate problem solving attitude. Solving problems should give you a kick. If you don’t, you won’t be motivated enough and will spend you energy on other things like sex, money and social approval.
  2. Share your work with others as it will save time for humanity.
  3. Boredom and Drudgery are evil . Automate stuff. Don’t waste time doing labor work.
  4. Respect competence and develop it. Competence not a substitute for attitude. Become a pro at whatever you do.


  1. Programming :
    1. Python, C/C++, Java, Perl, and LISP –  best to learn all of them. Be so good that you will be able to learn languages in week. Good article by google top coder explains programming and how to get good at it.
    2. Be proficient in reading and writing code.
  2. Learn Unix:
    1. this , this look at them. Good starting point.
    2. Install os.
  3. Learn html : This tells what not to do and what to do
  4. Learn good english writing.

Then he talks about how to achieve status in hacker culture. It mostly concerns about debugging, testing and publishing your work and be true to the hacker spirit. You will learn a lot by doing this.

Some other skills/hobbies he advises to develop are:

To practice writing, read science fiction(to meet other hackers), join hackerspace and make things, train in martial arts which trains the mind, practice meditation, have an analytical ear towards music and play word games. These activities, he says  exercise your right and left brain and keep you on top of your game. I think playing chess would also help.









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